Kentucky loses experience off the bench as Quade Green decides to transfer

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Around 11 am on Wednesday, it was announced that Quade Green was thinking about transferring from Kentucky, then around 1:30 pm it was made official that Green was going to transfer.  As if we needed more depressing news, right?

I will say that I was somewhat surprised by the news but from what I saw, the staff knew that is could happen.  If you remember, Green thought about transferring in the summer, but decided to remain in Lexington for his sophomore year.

In 43 games in a UK uniform, Green averaged 9.3 pts, 1.7 rebs, and 2.6 asts.

This decision now confirms that something has to change at Kentucky.  Green obviously felt like his talents could be used somewhere else, because he was not getting the opportunities of the other guards.

John Calipari released this statement about Green transferring:

We all wish you the best wherever you go, Quade.

Go Cats.


What Kentucky fans are saying on message boards

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Like I said in last nights post, you can find some really mean, nasty, hateful stuff on Twitter from Kentucky fans, and if that’s all you see then you probably think we have the worst fanbase in the world.

Well, there’s another part to that, which is the message board bunch.  I don’t go on these much, but when I do, I see some rough stuff.  

It’s been a somewhat depressing week or two for us Kentucky fans.  So what’s the message board crowd saying?

Topic: Anyone think this is Cal’s last year?

“I wish.  Tired of ugly basketball every year.  Go get Eric Musselman, Billy D, or even Chris Mack.  Mack has passed us up in 1 month with a full team of rejects.”:

“Yes I’m pissed, n lil tipsy, still up money on the day…but jeez louiezz.”

“I said that when Brad red shirted. Going to transfer after season and then play somewhere immediately that he can get PT. Leaving because he knows Cal’s final year. JMHO Why waste a year sitting the bench when he knows that no PT is going to happen this season. Save the season for another smaller school.”

“We pay cal to win championships here at Kentucky. He has had the 1 or 2 recruiting class for the past 10 years. Only 1 championship. He has underachieved here at Kentucky with the talent brought in.  
Instead of listening to the same bullshit, we need for him to change or he needs to go.  I want him to succeed here but I’m tired of him funneling NBA talent. Play for the university or gtfo. Winning without top talent is possible. Look at Villanova.”

Wouldn’t bother me one bit. I’m ready for a change…not because he “cant coach” but because hes scheme no longer works here….because he isn’t landing transendant talents like anthony davis.”

“I honestly think you should go hire Holtmann. The guy can flat out coach and it’s clear Cal’s best days are behind him. I think he’d be happier finishing his career in the NBA.”

Topic: If we lose to UNC and Louisville

“We may not even make it to the NIT. What would that do for the program? We still have to play Auburn, Tennessee, Mississippi State and most of all Kansas. What do you gurus think?”

“Losing to those two is a foregone conclusion. My attention is now waiting on the spring football game. Not sure we can win anymore this year with Cal losing his mojo and all.”

Go Cats.

Don’t we do this stuff every year?

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Isn’t the beginning of basketball season just great? 

It’s been a little different this year because of football.  Kentucky usually doesn’t go 9-3, have a player win three awards, and have three guys named to AP All American teams. 

I thought that would be a blessing and I think it has been.  Football casted a shadow over basketball for a month, and all that did was delay what is happening now, and by that I mean all of this negativity.

Usually Kentucky football is a joke and when are jumping on basketball, acting like football doesn’t exist when Big Blue Madness hits.  These kids, who are normally only 18 years old, are thrown into the spotlight immediately and criticized from the first tip until the final buzzer in March.

I am blessed to not remember much of the Billy Clyde years, so when Cal got here I became addicted to Kentucky basketball.  I remember going to bed on the night Kentucky played South Carolina.  They lost that game.  I woke up the next morning to hear that and didn’t believe it.  Man I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.

I cried for what felt like hours after Kentucky lost in the Elite 8 to WVU that year.  I did that after most losses, especially after heartbreaks.  The last time I cried was after the Wisconsin loss.  I know I am not the only one.

I started down the next depressing path as I decided to get a Twitter account in 2015 and didn’t pay much attention to it.  I started to get on it daily in 2016 and noticed one thing.  A ton of negativity.

They call the BBN the best fanbase in the world, and it is.  But, if you’re only on Twitter then you think we have the most negative, fans in the world.  There is a progressive cycle though, that happens every year.

At the beginning of the year, we’re excited and anxious for the season.  If we don’t start the season 10-0 and look like world-beaters, we go crazy.  We start the “should Cal be fired?” stuff and we lose our minds.  Then we go through the depressing SEC schedule, but this year the conference is insanely good, normally it sucks.  Last year we lost four games in a row and thought the team was going to miss the tournament, and I did too.  We all know what happened.

The end of the year is always exciting.  Cal has his guys ready and 90% of the time, UK wins the SEC tournament and goes deep in the NCAA Tournament.

We go through this cycle every year and we tell ourselves that Cal will have these guys ready by March, which usually happens.  We get all bent out of shape because an orange ball doesn’t go through a hoop or when a buzzer sounds the opponent has a higher number on the scoreboard than Kentucky does.  It’s hilarious if you think about it.

I have tried to not, I guess get depressed, over basketball in the past year.  It hasn’t really worked but I am still making an effort.  

Here’s a reminder.  When or lose a game, a recruit, etc.  The sun will come up the next day and our lives go on.

P.S. For the love of God, DO NOT tweet the Calipari daughters about their dad.  Thanks.

Go Cats.

ATTENTION: $15 tickets for UK vs. Utah

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Yes you read that right.

Since UK goes on Christmas break soon, Kentucky is offering a special deal.  Fans can purchase eRUPPtion Zone tickets for $15 each for this Saturdays game against Utah, which tips-off around 5 pm EST.

Tickets will be sold at the Rupp Box Office on Saturday, beginning 90 minutes prior to tip-off.

If you haven’t been to a game or have never sat in the student section, this is a great opportunity.

Safe to say I will be highly disappointed if the student section isn’t packed on Saturday.  C’mon BBN!

Go Cats.

If you think Stoops can’t develop players, you’re wrong

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In the past few years, I have heard one consistent complaint about Stoops from UK fans.  He can’t develop players.  My grandfather is one of them.

Well you’re wrong.  Why?

Josh Allen, Bunchy Stallings, and Benny Snell were named to AP All-American teams on Monday.

Josh Allen was a two-star recruit out of New Jersey, Benny Snell was a three-star recruit out of Ohio, and Bunchy Stallings was a three-star recruit from Alabama.

I’ve always thought the argument that Stoops couldn’t develop players was false since UK went 7-5 in back-to-back seasons, but it is even more so now with UK finishing off a 9-3 season.

Keep in mind that only Clemson and Alabama have more and they’re the best teams in college football.  I rest my case.

Go Cats

Wandale Robinson flips commitment to Nebraska

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On Wednesday Kentucky fans got the news they feared.  Wandale Robinson has officially flipped his commitment from Kentucky to Nebraska.

The four star RB back from Frankfort, who recently won Mr. Football, committed to Kentucky on November 1st.  After the commitment, many Nebraska fans accused the Cats, specifically Vince Marrow, of paying Robinson.  In the past several days, Robinson’s commitment has become weaker and weaker after saying he would be signing with Kentucky in just a couple of weeks while also saying Nebraska was still heavily recruiting him.

“I got overwhelmed by the pressure from outside influences, the pressure of staying home, and the pressure of trying to please everyone.  Most people don’t realize the stress that goes on with recruiting, especially when it’s from your home state and everyone wants you to go there.”

That is a little piece out of Robinson’s statement above.

I will say that I am disappointed and think that things could’ve been handled better.  After all, Robinson is 18 years old and has a lot of pressure on his shoulders.  It’s recruiting, this happens.  I wish him nothing but the best as a Cornhusker.

Go Cats.

What life was like last time Kentucky played Penn State in a bowl game

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We’re going to Orlando!!!

On Tuesday it was announced that the Kentucky Wildcats will be heading to Orlando, Florida to face the Penn State Nittany Lions in the VRBO Citrus Bowl.  The game is set to kickoff around 1 PM on ABC, January 1st.

Kentucky and Penn State have played each other six times.  The last time they played was in the 1999 Outback Bowl, which Penn State won, 26-14.

By the time this game is played, that game will have been played 20 years ago.  So here’s what life was like back in 1999.

  • The Sixth Sense, Stuart Little, and Austin Powers were the movies to watch
  • A gallon of gas cost $1.30
  • Kobe Bryant still had hair
  • Bill Clinton was president
  • The World Wide Web wasn’t even 10 years old
  • Bill Gates was the most famous man in America
  • Tim Couch was a rookie in the NFL
  • John Calipari was in the NBA
  • Rick Pitino didn’t look like a zombie
  • The Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl with John Elway
  • The most popular song was “I want it that way” by the Backstreet Boys
  • Nearly 45 million Americans had pagers

 Life was rough.  Don’t know how you people did it.

Go Cats

(This post was supposed to be up yesterday, but life happens)