Restaurant review: KSBar and Grille

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When I first heard about KSBar and Grille opening up earlier this summer, I kind of laughed and thought “this place won’t be around for long”.  Well, I believe I will be wrong.  I have been to KSBar three times since its opening and it hasn’t disappointed (yet).  Since I am a food expert, I thought I’d write a review about the restaurant started by Kentucky Sports Radio’s own, Matt Jones.

First Night

The first night I went, which was the actual opening day/night, I sat in the back and had the nachos to start.  It was a little awkward at first because when I first got them, I saw that instead of tortilla chips it had potato chips.  The reason I say it was awkward is because I gave a worried look when I first saw them and my waitress clearly saw it and left.  It was a little alarming at, but, I put a big bite in my mouth and was quite impressed.

I then had the BBQ burger and the onion rings.  I was so full from the nachos I had to get a to-go box three bites in , but I finished my leftovers the next day.  A+.

Second Night

The second night I went, I sat at the front and ordered the pretzel bites and the 10-piece sweet-thai-chili wings, and told the waiter to bring them out at the same time, which was a mistake for two reasons.  About five minutes after my order, my stomach started growling and I really wanted my pretzel bites.  The other reason I will get to in a minute.

I got my wings and they were tiny.  This was a little aggravating but I didn’t make a big deal about it because they looked really good, and they were.  Definitely live up to the hype.  Now, the second reason I was aggravated about getting my pretzel bites with my wings was because I got them about 10-minutes after I got my wings.  But, they were delicious and worth the wait.

Third Night 

The third night I went I sat in the back and debated on whether to get the fried pickles or the cheese sticks.  I asked my waitress and she said she recommended the fried pickles and then added that the cheese sticks were also really good, which made my decision so much easier.  I went with the fried pickles which was a great choice.  The ranch is also really good because five pickles in, I had to ask for more.

I then ordered my meal.  I got the same order of wings with the same sauce, but, I shook it up a little bit and added a side of the mac n’ cheese.  I got my wings 15 minutes later and, once again, they were tiny.  But, very good.  I finished those off, washed my hands, and dug into my mac n’ cheese, which was gone in about 10 seconds.


The atmosphere at KSBar is very good.  A place for all ages.  Every once in a while you will see a very strange man usually in a hoodie, shorts, and with messy hair.  Tonight though, this strange man was wearing a suit, I was wondering who it was, then I realized it was Matt Jones.  I was disappointed to say the least.

Anyway, the atmosphere is great.  The servers are very nice and there are always nice people there.  Even though I have only been there three times, I haven’t had a bad experience.  Overall, three great nights.

The place is a lot bigger in person and it’s very impressive.


This place is great.  Good food, great service, full of nice people, and a very nice restaurant.  You should definitely visit it whether you live 5 minutes, 5 hours, or 5 days away.  It will also be a great place to watch a game and being a huge sports fan myself, I will for sure be there for a few games.

Go cats.

Oh wait, here’s a picture of the strange man:

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