What Kentucky fans are saying on message boards

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After Kentucky lost in Tuscaloosa to the Alabama Crimson Tide today, 77-75, I thought I’d visit the message boards to see what some fans are saying.

I’m sure everyone will be rational, friendly human beings who don’t think Cal can’t coach, Cal needs to be fired, and this is an NIT team.

“We suck a**. With the most all around talent in the country. Go figure.”

Doesn’t Duke have like three of the best players in the country?

“What’s there to be negative about? These days, we play for ending generational poverty and Draft Green Room anyway! While suckers at Villanova and Duke lose sleep deep into March, I’m up all night in June refreshing the mock drafts and trying to find out which G-league team our player ( that would be a 4-year project anywhere else ) will be on next year”

Six Elite Eights, Four Final Fours, and a title… I know I went to bed late during March those years.

March baby March. That’s all that matters

Reply: “Lol, terrible that a program like Kentucky can’t expect to be great throughout the season. We have to settle for a mediocre regular season and sweet 16 finish and be talked into accepting it as a “good” season.

Define “mediocre” and then get back to me. By the way, we’ve only not made it past the Sweet 16 twice in the Cal era.

“It’s been a long season.”

We’ve only played 13 games?

“Cant win with low tier five stars. Simple as that.”

Are we really going to start saying there are levels of five-star athletes?

“Look how good we looked in the Bahamas against Mega Bemax with minimal coaching and playing more on natural ability. Look how bad Michigan looked against Mega Bemax with minimal coaching. Look at both teams now. Call me names, I’m just saying.

Maybe Cal should just roll the ball out.”

So we accuse Cal of rolling the ball out and being a bad coach, now we want him to roll the ball out? Makes sense.

“Hey Cal, what bandwagon were you talking about. The team has to be good in order for there to be a bandwagon to jump on and off. I hate that he bitches about the fans, then uses two wins to say that the fans complaints were unwarranted. He then goes on to lose the next game to a bottom feeder in the SEC. Worry about your coaching and not the fans.”

Isn’t this team top 15? And I don’t think Alabama is a bottom feeder anymore…. or at least no after beating Kentucky.

“When we win – well we have better recruits, so…
When we lose – Cal got exposed

Always write the narrtive so Cal can never win and you always have a reason to bitch. I guess Cal made Reid play terribly.”

Oh look, a rational fan.

Go Cats.


Kentucky is a 6 seed in the latest ESPN bracketology

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Good afternoon BBN. I have been away for awhile and wanted to start off by saying I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and got to spend it with friends and family.

With that said, I am not much into bracketology, especially with it only being December, but the latest version of ESPN’s Bracketology was released and I thought I’d give it a look.

Kentucky is currently a 6-seed in Tennessee’s bracket. They would be facing VCU in the first round and would be facing the winner of UNC and Vermont in the second round.

These projections would definitely change once the Cats have handled business against the Cards tomorrow.

Here’s a look at the rest of the bracket:

Go Cats.

The Kentucky vs. North Carolina series has given us some pretty memorable games in the Cal era

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Tomorrow, Kentucky and North Carolina face-off in one of the better matchups so far in college basketball. The game is scheduled to tip-off around 5:15 PM on CBS.

North Carolina leads the series 24-15 and the most recent game in the series was in the 2017 Elite 8 where Kentucky lost 75-73. I’m not going to go into that game because I will become depressed again and I’m sure you will too.

North Carolina owned Kentucky in the early years, but since John Calipari got to Kentucky, the Wildcats have gone 5-3 against the Tar Heels.

This series has also brought us some pretty awesome games.

Kentucky 73 – North Carolina 75: 2017 Elite 8

This game is pretty depressing for UK fans. Kentucky was down late in the game and Malik Monk hit two crazy 3’s to tie the game. We all know what happened after that.

Watch this video at your own risk and there’s no need to watch the end.

Kentucky 103 – North Carolina 100: 2016 CBS Sports Classic

One of the better games, in my opinion, in a decade. Malik Monk dropped 47, including a last second three to give Kentucky the win.

Kentucky 73 – North Carolina 72: Anthony Davis’ block

This is the kind of game you don’t get a lot at Rupp Arena. Two top-five teams going down to the last second. Anthony Davis, I think became Anthony Davis in this game after blocking a jump-shot from John Henson in the final seconds to give Kentucky the win.

Kentucky 76 – North Carolina 69: 2011 Elite 8

After upsetting the best team in the tournament, Ohio State, Kentucky played North Carolina in the Elite 8. DeAndre Liggins hit a three with 35 seconds left in the game, which gave Kentucky the win and sent them to the Final Four for the first time since 1998.


Full game:

Kentucky 68 – North Carolina 66: Kentucky basketball was back

John Calipari’s first game against North Carolina since taking the Kentucky job. The Cats were coming off five straight losses to the Tar Heels, including a 20 point blowout the previous year. This game put Kentucky basketball back on the map and the world was introduced to John Wall.

Kentucky and North Carolina have had one hell of a series since Cal arrived in Lexington. Hopefully the Cats can pull out a huge win against the Tar Heels tomorrow in Chicago.

Go Cats.

Should Rick Pitino be honored at Rupp Arena or not? The case for both sides

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In the post-game press conference on Saturday after Kentucky’s 88-61 win over Utah, John Calipari said that Rick Pitino needs to come back to Lexington and be honored by UK fans.

“He was with family and he had things going on,” Calipari said. “I just said, ‘Look, you need to get up here. This will be respectful here.’ What that program did to change this back, we should recognize it. You may be mad he went to coach at Louisville. So, what? When he was here and when we needed this program on a different track he put it (there).”

Pitino Tweeted about the ’93 team that morning and thanked Cal for reaching out:

As we all remember, things didn’t end well the last time Pitino was at Rupp Arena as he flipped us the bird on the way out:

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I always knew that while Pitino was at Louisville, he would never get any sort of applause.  He would just be met with loud boo’s.

But now with Pitino out of coaching and not having been in Rupp Arena since 2015, can we all be respectful and honor the man for what he did while he was at Kentucky?  Let’s look at both sides.

Yes, because he brought Kentucky back from hell and won a title

In 1989, Kentucky was put on three years of probation for recruiting and academic violations while Eddie Sutton was here.  They also banned Eric Manuel from NCAA competition and banned Chris Mills from Kentucky.  This banned Kentucky from post-season competition in 1990-91 and from televised games in-season.  UK was also limited to 3 scholarships per year and had to return the $350,000 gained from their appearance in the 1988 NCAA Tournament.  Basically (at the time) the hammer.

In the summer of ’89, C.M. Newton, who was in his first year as UK A.D., hired Pitino, who was coming off his job with the New York Knicks.

In his career, Pitino went 219-50 (81%) with 3 Final Fours and won the title in 1996.

He brought Kentucky back from rock bottom and did something most coaches couldn’t have done.  We aren’t where we are as a basketball program without Pitino.

No, because he coached Louisville, flipped us off, he’s a traitor, etc.

In the summer of 1997, after Kentucky’s title game loss, Pitino jumped ship and went to the NBA to coach the Celtics.  Then in 2001, Pitino did something most Kentucky fans have never forgiven for, took the Louisville job.

In Pitino’s time at Louisville, he went 420-143 (74%), with 1 Final Four (2012 Final Four, 2013 title, and 123 wins vacated).

In 2015, Louisville travelled to Rupp Arena and lost 75-73.  This game happened right when the Katina Powell allegations were occurring.  When Pitino walked to the tunnel, he flipped us UK fans the bird as you saw in the picture above.  He hasn’t been back to Rupp since.

He should be honored

With both cases being made, I think Pitino should be honored for the 30th anniversary of the 1992 “Unforgettables” team.  He did so much at Kentucky and put our rival in the grave.

The anniversary for the ’92 team would take place sometime in 2022, which is four years from now and when this would happen.  Make it happen.

Go Cats.

Does Quade Green transferring mean more playing time for Jemarl Baker in the future?

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As we all know by now, Quade Green announced that he would be transferring.  It isn’t great news, but it isn’t deflating either.  We thought Quade, being one of the more experienced guy, was the potential leader of this team.  But, with his playing time declining and already having requested a transfer in the summer, his days were numbered at UK, and today he decided that he wanted to wear another teams uniform.

The guy above, Jemarl Baker, committed to Kentucky in April of 2017, after being released of his National Letter of Intent at Cal when Cuonzo Martin left.  Baker came to UK as a four-star recruit, who was ranked in the top 20 at his position and in the top 100 overall.

After injuring his knee in October of last year, which the staff at UK originally thought was only a minor injury, turned out to be more severe than expected.  This resulted in Baker missing the entirety of his freshman year.  

Us Kentucky fans thought that Baker would play in the Bahamas, but Cal told us that was unlikely because Baker had missed four to five days of practice because of swelling in his knee.

Baker has been kind of a mystery this year, and at times I didn’t know if he still existed, but we finally saw him briefly this past Saturday against Seton Hall.  He didn’t play much at all, but we at least got to see what he looked like on the court.

Now that Quade is transferring, does that mean we see more Jemarl Baker? And if not immediately, in the future?

With the departure of Green, Kentucky only has four guards, but with Tyler Herro not living up to hype, we may see Jemarl Baker jump into one of those spots.  I don’t see this happening immediately, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Cal slowly adds him to the rotation in case there’s a freak injury or Herro doesn’t get it going.  I do think we see more Baker in the future though.

Baker is also a great three-point shooter as Shai Alexander noted on Kentucky Sports Radio, saying that he was the “best shooter” on UK’s team last year.

In Baker’s senior year of high school, he averaged 17 PPG, 3.5 RPG, and 4 APG.  He could be a key piece to this team.  Maybe not now, but definitely in the future.

Since we haven’t seen much of him at UK, here are some of his highlights from high school:

Go Cats.

Kentucky loses experience off the bench as Quade Green decides to transfer

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Around 11 am on Wednesday, it was announced that Quade Green was thinking about transferring from Kentucky, then around 1:30 pm it was made official that Green was going to transfer.  As if we needed more depressing news, right?

I will say that I was somewhat surprised by the news but from what I saw, the staff knew that is could happen.  If you remember, Green thought about transferring in the summer, but decided to remain in Lexington for his sophomore year.

In 43 games in a UK uniform, Green averaged 9.3 pts, 1.7 rebs, and 2.6 asts.

This decision now confirms that something has to change at Kentucky.  Green obviously felt like his talents could be used somewhere else, because he was not getting the opportunities of the other guards.

John Calipari released this statement about Green transferring:

We all wish you the best wherever you go, Quade.

Go Cats.

What Kentucky fans are saying on message boards

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Like I said in last nights post, you can find some really mean, nasty, hateful stuff on Twitter from Kentucky fans, and if that’s all you see then you probably think we have the worst fanbase in the world.

Well, there’s another part to that, which is the message board bunch.  I don’t go on these much, but when I do, I see some rough stuff.  

It’s been a somewhat depressing week or two for us Kentucky fans.  So what’s the message board crowd saying?

Topic: Anyone think this is Cal’s last year?

“I wish.  Tired of ugly basketball every year.  Go get Eric Musselman, Billy D, or even Chris Mack.  Mack has passed us up in 1 month with a full team of rejects.”:

“Yes I’m pissed, n lil tipsy, still up money on the day…but jeez louiezz.”

“I said that when Brad red shirted. Going to transfer after season and then play somewhere immediately that he can get PT. Leaving because he knows Cal’s final year. JMHO Why waste a year sitting the bench when he knows that no PT is going to happen this season. Save the season for another smaller school.”

“We pay cal to win championships here at Kentucky. He has had the 1 or 2 recruiting class for the past 10 years. Only 1 championship. He has underachieved here at Kentucky with the talent brought in.  
Instead of listening to the same bullshit, we need for him to change or he needs to go.  I want him to succeed here but I’m tired of him funneling NBA talent. Play for the university or gtfo. Winning without top talent is possible. Look at Villanova.”

Wouldn’t bother me one bit. I’m ready for a change…not because he “cant coach” but because hes scheme no longer works here….because he isn’t landing transendant talents like anthony davis.”

“I honestly think you should go hire Holtmann. The guy can flat out coach and it’s clear Cal’s best days are behind him. I think he’d be happier finishing his career in the NBA.”

Topic: If we lose to UNC and Louisville

“We may not even make it to the NIT. What would that do for the program? We still have to play Auburn, Tennessee, Mississippi State and most of all Kansas. What do you gurus think?”

“Losing to those two is a foregone conclusion. My attention is now waiting on the spring football game. Not sure we can win anymore this year with Cal losing his mojo and all.”

Go Cats.