What Kentucky fans are saying on message boards

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After Kentucky lost in Tuscaloosa to the Alabama Crimson Tide today, 77-75, I thought I’d visit the message boards to see what some fans are saying.

I’m sure everyone will be rational, friendly human beings who don’t think Cal can’t coach, Cal needs to be fired, and this is an NIT team.

“We suck a**. With the most all around talent in the country. Go figure.”

Doesn’t Duke have like three of the best players in the country?

“What’s there to be negative about? These days, we play for ending generational poverty and Draft Green Room anyway! While suckers at Villanova and Duke lose sleep deep into March, I’m up all night in June refreshing the mock drafts and trying to find out which G-league team our player ( that would be a 4-year project anywhere else ) will be on next year”

Six Elite Eights, Four Final Fours, and a title… I know I went to bed late during March those years.

March baby March. That’s all that matters

Reply: “Lol, terrible that a program like Kentucky can’t expect to be great throughout the season. We have to settle for a mediocre regular season and sweet 16 finish and be talked into accepting it as a “good” season.

Define “mediocre” and then get back to me. By the way, we’ve only not made it past the Sweet 16 twice in the Cal era.

“It’s been a long season.”

We’ve only played 13 games?

“Cant win with low tier five stars. Simple as that.”

Are we really going to start saying there are levels of five-star athletes?

“Look how good we looked in the Bahamas against Mega Bemax with minimal coaching and playing more on natural ability. Look how bad Michigan looked against Mega Bemax with minimal coaching. Look at both teams now. Call me names, I’m just saying.

Maybe Cal should just roll the ball out.”

So we accuse Cal of rolling the ball out and being a bad coach, now we want him to roll the ball out? Makes sense.

“Hey Cal, what bandwagon were you talking about. The team has to be good in order for there to be a bandwagon to jump on and off. I hate that he bitches about the fans, then uses two wins to say that the fans complaints were unwarranted. He then goes on to lose the next game to a bottom feeder in the SEC. Worry about your coaching and not the fans.”

Isn’t this team top 15? And I don’t think Alabama is a bottom feeder anymore…. or at least no after beating Kentucky.

“When we win – well we have better recruits, so…
When we lose – Cal got exposed

Always write the narrtive so Cal can never win and you always have a reason to bitch. I guess Cal made Reid play terribly.”

Oh look, a rational fan.

Go Cats.


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