Who is the second potential transfer?

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Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio has been hinting at two potential transfers for Kentucky for a few weeks now. Yesterday it was announced that Miami freshman QB, Jarren Williams, was going to transfer. The destination was never said and now will never be as his father told 247Sports that Mark Richt and Jon Richt convinced Williams to stay.

They were talking to him yesterday and today about staying and competing through the spring. He felt as though he should had an opportunity to probably play more. He was frustrated by play time.” Williams’ father said.

With Williams now off the board, who is this mysterious transfer that Jones has been hinting at?


Xavier Peters

Xavier Peters committed to Kentucky in July of 2017, then on signing day, he didn’t sign. Then in late January of this year, Peters flipped his commitment from Kentucky to Florida State during an official visit. He was ranked 173rd in the 2018 class by 247Sports and was UK’s highest-rated commitment in 2018.

Shocky Jacques-Louis

Shocky Jacques Louis committed to Kentucky in late April of 2017, then in early June, Louis announced his de-commitment from Kentucky. He then committed to Tennessee in early August. After being committed to UT for several months, Louis de-committed from Tennessee after Butch Jones was fired. He then, in late December, committed to Pittsburgh.

Russ Yeast

Russ Yeast committed to Kentucky, then flipped his commitment to Louisville. With Louisville being in a mess, Yeast announced that he would transfer after their 77-16 loss to Clemson. His dad, Craig Yeast, played with Tim Couch at Kentucky, so would Yeast come back to his dads old stomping grounds?

Those are the three that I think are most likely. Remember, I know nothing when it comes to this, so I will find out when everyone else finds out. Other potential names would be Mac Jones and Alex Reigelsperger.

Go Cats


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