What Kentucky fans are saying on message boards

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Like I said in last nights post, you can find some really mean, nasty, hateful stuff on Twitter from Kentucky fans, and if that’s all you see then you probably think we have the worst fanbase in the world.

Well, there’s another part to that, which is the message board bunch.  I don’t go on these much, but when I do, I see some rough stuff.  

It’s been a somewhat depressing week or two for us Kentucky fans.  So what’s the message board crowd saying?

Topic: Anyone think this is Cal’s last year?

“I wish.  Tired of ugly basketball every year.  Go get Eric Musselman, Billy D, or even Chris Mack.  Mack has passed us up in 1 month with a full team of rejects.”:

“Yes I’m pissed, n lil tipsy, still up money on the day…but jeez louiezz.”

“I said that when Brad red shirted. Going to transfer after season and then play somewhere immediately that he can get PT. Leaving because he knows Cal’s final year. JMHO Why waste a year sitting the bench when he knows that no PT is going to happen this season. Save the season for another smaller school.”

“We pay cal to win championships here at Kentucky. He has had the 1 or 2 recruiting class for the past 10 years. Only 1 championship. He has underachieved here at Kentucky with the talent brought in.  
Instead of listening to the same bullshit, we need for him to change or he needs to go.  I want him to succeed here but I’m tired of him funneling NBA talent. Play for the university or gtfo. Winning without top talent is possible. Look at Villanova.”

Wouldn’t bother me one bit. I’m ready for a change…not because he “cant coach” but because hes scheme no longer works here….because he isn’t landing transendant talents like anthony davis.”

“I honestly think you should go hire Holtmann. The guy can flat out coach and it’s clear Cal’s best days are behind him. I think he’d be happier finishing his career in the NBA.”

Topic: If we lose to UNC and Louisville

“We may not even make it to the NIT. What would that do for the program? We still have to play Auburn, Tennessee, Mississippi State and most of all Kansas. What do you gurus think?”

“Losing to those two is a foregone conclusion. My attention is now waiting on the spring football game. Not sure we can win anymore this year with Cal losing his mojo and all.”

Go Cats.


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