Louisville is in shambles and I love it

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Louisville just can’t stay out of the spotlight, can they? After Jeff Brohm announced that he would be staying at Purdue and not taking the Louisville job, the Ville lost their minds. So much so that an anonymous Twitter account by the name of “Proud Clarion,” threatened to burn down Trinity High School if Brohm didn’t accept the job.  He sub-tweeted that tweet with some others making the threat worse:

That last tweet says, “If you see a man running down Frankfort with a gas can and wild look in his eyes, it’s me.”

You’d think that after the FBI investigations and the Katina Powell stuff, they would be able to keep it together.  No. Just imagine if a Kentucky fan had done this? The media would be ripping us.

Now, I sat with some sane Louisville fans at Cardinal Stadium for the Kentucky game, so not all of them are bad.  But, wasn’t all of this supposed to happen to us? Kentucky was supposed to get caught in a bunch of scandals because of the Calipari hire and they were supposed to own us in football, right?

Hey Cardinal fans, we’re 2-1 against you in the last 3 years, and 8-1 against you in basketball. You guys are the ones caught in all the scandals and your program is in shambles.  How does 2-11 feel?

I love it.  Go cats.


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