I believe the blow out by Duke will be the best thing that happens to this team all year

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Kentucky was able to get the 87-74 win over Winthrop yesterday.  They looked great on offense shooting almost 57% from the field and 38% from behind-the-arc. 

Ever since the second half of the SIU game, Kentucky has looked like the team we saw this past summer in the Bahamas where they looked like world-beaters.

Now, I know we’re only through five games and it’s still very early, but I have a feeling that the beatdown by Duke may be the best thing that will happen to Kentucky this whole season.

After the Bahamas, we all thought we had another 2015 team, or at least I did.  I think Kentucky played very good in the Bahamas, but I also think the opponents they faced didn’t play anywhere close to their full potential.

“we weren’t prepared physically or mentally as I thought we would be, and that’s on me”

“Did we get arrogant, all of us, me included? I don’t know. We’re going to find out.”

“Like I told them, we’ve gotta get five guys that will fight like heck and leave them in and play themas long as they can play. Find those five that will fight together and play together and leave them in. And the rest of you will sub when they need abreak.”

Those were some of the quotes from Cal after the Duke loss.

The reason I say it will be the best thing that happens to Kentucky all season is because this team will be built from the ground up.  Cal will force them to be disciplined and focused always on the court, which can be difficult for these freshman at times.

Today and for the past few games, other than three-point defense, this team has looked alert defensively and very confident on the offensive end.  Two things we saw in the Bahamas but didn’t see against Duke and SIU.

Take a look at some of the stats:

Total Points 430 391
Points Per Game 86.0 78.2
Scoring Margin 7.8
FG: Made-Attempted 143-289 142-304
FG: Percentage .495 .467
FG: Per Game 28.6 28.4
3PT: Made-Attempted 26-76 56-127
3PT: Percentage .342 .441
3PT: Per Game 5.2 11.2
FT: Made-Attempted 118-154 51-72
FT: Percentage .766 .708
FT: Per Game 23.6 10.2
Total 210 116
Per Game 42.0 23.2
Margin 18.8
Total 78 73
Per Game 15.6 14.6
Total 77 69
Per Game 15.4 13.8
Margin -1.6
Assist/Turnover Ratio 1.0 1.1
Points Off Turnovers 19.4 19.2
Total 32 28
Per Game 6.4 5.6
Total 28 11
Per Game 5.6 2.2

Go Cats.


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