2007 and 2018 are years that are comparable in ways Kentucky fans wish they weren’t

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In 1977, Kentucky football went 10-1 (6-0) in Fran Curci’s fifth season, but due to NCAA probation Kentucky wasn’t eligible for the SEC Championship or postseason play.  Since then, Kentucky has had 12 winning seasons, but 3 of those 12 seasons have started historically good.

Those seasons are 2007, 1984, and this season.  In those years Kentucky started the season 5-0, but there’s only one other year that had the hype similar to this season, 2007.

In 2007 and 2018, Kentucky has gone on the road for its sixth game looking to start the season 6-0 just to suffer a deflating loss.  In 2007, that loss was to eleventh ranked South Carolina, 38-23.  This year that loss was to unranked Texas A&M, 20-14.

Now of course after the loss to South Carolina in 2007, Kentucky went on to beat top ranked LSU and move into the top ten.  This year is similar, Kentucky didn’t beat the top ranked team obviously, but beat Vanderbilt at home and then somehow beat Missouri in one of the more unlikely wins in football history, which moved them into the top ten.

In both seasons, Kentucky had an historically good start, suffered a deflating loss, came back with wins that boosted the fan base and got us all excited again, and had a chance to win the SEC East.  In 2007, UK played Florida and this year they played Georgia.

Kentucky would go on to lose both games and fall out of the top 10.  The next game though is what crushed both seasons.

In 2007, Kentucky, ranked 14th in the nation, hosted Mississippi State where they got crushed 31-14 in a horrible game.  The crushing defeat this year was Tennessee, yesterday.

The 2007 team started 5-0 and proceeded to win only 3 of their last 7 games.  That season is different though because in those 7 games Kentucky faced 5 ranked teams, whereas this team has faced only one.

These seasons are very similar in ways Kentucky fans wish they weren’t.  Both seasons Kentucky got off to historically good starts and in short, not able to finish the season off.

This year Kentucky can still finish 9-3, which has only happened once (1984) and would be a great season.  But after starting the season 7-1, we would all be feeling a little disappointed, mostly because of yesterdays game.

Kentucky has had three 5-0 starts since 1977 and It sadly looks like 2 of the 3 will be disappointing seasons.

Go Cats.





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