John Calipari says the team was “playing for themselves” against Duke

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John Calipari met with the media today to discuss Kentucky’s upcoming game against Southern Illinois and mostly to talk about the ugly loss to the Duke Blue Devils Tuesday night.

We’ve seen in a lot since John Calipari has been here, young freshman trying to do it all by themselves in the spotlight and play selfish.  Cal says the team played to “get theirs” Tuesday night.

“We were out there, instead of playing for each other, they were trying to get theirs.”  He also said a friend called him and said that the it looked like they were “playing with their hair on fire.”

Cal told them, “We gotta get five guys who will fight like heck and leave them in and play them as long as they can.  Find those five who will fight together and play together and leave them in and then the rest of you will sub in when they need a break.”

Calipari also said the guys acting like it was high school, “We took bad shots.  Guys were acting like it was high school.  Then we got down and they say ‘I gotta get mine now.’ What? You don’t play that way at Kentucky.”

We’ve seen this before with young teams full of freshman.  This team is in good hands though with three sophomores and a grad-transfer.

They have seven games until they travel to New York to face Seton Hall, then they come home to play Utah, and then head to Chicago for the showdown with North Carolina on December 22nd.

Winning those games will make it easier to forget about the Duke game and we’ll also see if they have learned from it.

Go Cats.





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