Terry Wilson says he likes to play fast on the Jim Rome show

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After Terry Wilson’s poor performances against Texas A&M and Vanderbilt, we wondered what was wrong with him.  Is it a slump? Is he just not that good? Is he our QB? Those were the questions we were asking ourselves.

After being replaced by Gunnar Hoak this past Saturday for three drives, Wilson was put back in and the game was basically in his hands.  After Lynn Bowden took a punt to the end-zone and Kentucky’s defense was keeping Missouri from getting first-downs, it was Terry’s time to shine.  Kentucky went faster than they normally do because of the clock, Terry looked good, and Kentucky won the game.

Terry Touchdown was on the Jim Rome show and when he was asked about the last drive and looking so calm, Wilson said:

“I just felt like when I was out there, I was just letting it rip, and moving at that fast tempo is just part of my game.  I like to go fast and move the ball down the field.  It looked like it was easy but just practicing and practicing helped me get through that.”

I always thought Terry was second guessing himself and it sounds like when the game is at a slow pace, he does just that.

Maybe having Terry Touchdown running an up-tempo offense will make the Touchdown part of his nickname true.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Go Cats.



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