Bleacher Report says Kentucky’s biggest flaw is that they don’t have a star

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Wait, what? Kentucky actually has a basketball team? I know it’s crazy to think, but Kentucky’s season-opener against Duke in Indianapolis is just five days away.  With football keeping us Kentucky fans busy, we are kind of forgetting about basketball, or at least I am.

Kerry Miller from Bleacher Report wrote a post yesterday talking about the Biggest Flaw That Will Prevent Each Top Contender from Winning March Madness

When it came to Kentucky, Miller said their biggest flaw is that they don’t have a star.

Miller mentioned some names on the roster, first was Keldon Johnson.

“Keldon Johnson is the guy the NBA draft experts are most excited about, but that’s mostly because of his athleticism and potential to develop into the next great three-and-D wing.  For the time being he’s raw on the offensive end and has a lot to prove before becoming a Malik Monk or Jamal Murray-type of go-to scorer.”

I agree and disagree with this.  Malik Monk and Jamal Murray were very talented prospects and it’s hard to compare most players to them.  Keldon Johnson has great potential to become an elite scorer, as he showed in the Bahamas.

Next was Tyler Herro.

“Tyler Herro showed during Kentucky’s Bahamas trip that he has the shooting stroke to become that guy, but he is a far cry from the perimeter defenders the Wildcats typically employ.  Unless he improves his game on that end of the floor, he may well be Kentucky’s eighth or ninth man, which doesn’t exactly scream “clutch scorer.”

I agree that his defense isn’t great, but Herro makes up for that with this scoring ability.  He led the team in scoring down in the Bahamas with 17.3 PPG.  He didn’t have a great game against Transy, but everyone has bad nights.

And last was PJ Washington.

“PJ Washington is a gifted scorer, but he’s such a liability at the free-throw line (60.6 percent last season) that he’ll be hard to trust repeatedly in must-score situations.”

PJ Washington is a great scorer and has added the three-point shot to his arsenal.  His free throw percentage last year killed Kentucky, especially in the NCAA Tournament, but he has worked on that a lot in the off-season and I look for that percentage to increase before the end of the season.

Kentucky vs. Duke will be a lot of fun and we will have more of an idea who Kentucky’s go-to guys will be after that game.

Go cats.




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