Cats beat Transylvania, 94-66

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Kentucky continued to prepare for the 2018-19 season with their first of two exhibition games tonight against the Transylvania Pioneers.  The Cats looked a little sluggish, but got the win 94-66.  This game means very little so I will make this short and sweet.


  • Kentucky was letting guys get to the basket all night.  This also happened in the Bahamas a lot.  The guards were getting beat on the win, and the big guys weren’t cleaning up the mistakes.  I saw a lot of easy layups for the Pioneers that should’ve been blocked.


  • Substitutions were made, and some were big.  With the depth of this team, substitutions will be made this year and sometimes we may see four guys come in from the bench.  This will help Kentucky big time in the heart of the schedule.


  • Tyler Herro struggled.  After his great performance in the Bahamas, Rex Chapman 2.0 was very quiet going 1 of 8 from the field.


  • The three-pointer wasn’t falling.  The Cats were missing a lot of shots from behind-the-arc tonight going 1 of 13.  Not worried at all and I fully expect these number to get better.


  • To be honest, this game was kind of boring.  The tempo all night was slow even when the Cats got into transition.  Once again, not worried at all.


Getting excited for Transylvania isn’t easy, and we certainly saw it tonight.  These guys are looking ahead to November 6th in Indianapolis and so am I.  We will see what these guys really look like in that game.  Good win.  Now let’s go beat the Missouri Tigers tomorrow.

Go Cats.





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