9 reasons why Kentucky will win its ninth national title this year

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Media day was today, Big Blue Madness is tomorrow, and man the basketball season is right around the corner.  Since the football team gets the weekend off and basketball will be the primary focus for Kentucky fans this weekend, I thought I would give a few reasons why the boys above will be cutting down the nets in early April.

Bahamas Tour

We all know what happened the last time Kentucky took a trip to the Bahamas last time, right? We saw this team ball-out there this past summer.  When Cal can coach the way he does in January in October, you know the team is going to be good.

That’ll be the same this season.

Reid Travis

Kentucky hasn’t really ever had a player like Reid Travis in the Calipari era, an experienced monster.  Cal joked about Travis “knowing more than him” at pro-day earlier in the week.  He will definitely be one of the leaders on this team.

I mean just look at him:

The Schedule

Kentucky has one of the toughest schedules in the country this year.  This team will win a lot, but they will lose a few.  It will teach them to play its toughest every game and will also teach it to not take any team lightly, which is a key in making a run in March.


John Calipari talked in his press-conference about how deep this team was:

“This has 10 guys, maybe nine have separated themselves. It may go to eight, depending on — because until you put the game — jersey on the back, throw it up, you just don’t know.”

This team has depth, and good depth, which will win them a lot of ball games this year and the title.


We’ve seen it a lot in the Cal era,  shooting can kill some of his teams.  That’s not the case this year.  Down in the Bahamas we saw Tyler Herro, Immanuel Quickley, Quade Green, and Keldon Johnson all shoot the three-ball well.


Defense wins championships right? Down in the Bahamas, Kentucky’s defense was great. The highest point total they allowed was 68.  When Cal has a good defense, look out.


John Calipari teams are at their best when their running.  We saw this team run well in transition down in the Bahamas, and with their being a lot of quickness on this team,  I like their chances.

Tyler Herro

Rex Chapman 2.0 balled-out in the Bahamas.  Nobody really paid attention to him before the Bahamas and now it’s clear he will be one of Kentucky’s best players.  A quick guard that can shoot and get to the basket.  He will be a huge asset for the cats this year.

Keldon Johnson

Since his commitment to Kentucky, it’s obvious Keldon Johnson will be one of, if not the best player for the cats this season.  Like Herro, Johnson showed his skills in the Bahamas and will be the go to player for Kentucky this year.

Lead us to the promise land, Mr. Johnson.

Go cats.



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