Kentucky football: This loss won’t hurt in the long run

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Kentucky’s 20-14 loss Saturday night to the Texas A&M Aggies still stings for me and probably for you too.  The good news is, this loss shouldn’t hurt Kentucky in the long run if things go as planned.

The best record predicted by UK fans at the beginning of the season was 8-4, with me picking them to finish the season there as well.  Some fans predicted the Cats to finish as bad as 4-8.  Now, we’re through five games and the Cats are 5-1, a record most people didn’t see coming.  I sent a tweet out Saturday night saying this team was overrated, which was extremely idiotic.  This Kentucky team is legit and this loss means you can go ahead a scratch a few things off your wish list, but this season could still end up in the history books.

Texas A&M isn’t a bad loss at all.  After this game, their record goes to 4-2 with their only two losses being to Clemson and Alabama, not bad.  This is proven even more by the fact UK’s ranking only dropped five spots to 18th in the country.  Now, you might disagree with that being a good thing, but if you’re a top 15 team and go on the road and lose to an unranked team, you deserve to drop a few spots.  I think the Aggies are one of the best teams Kentucky will play all year, so this isn’t a bad loss.

The back-half of the schedule is easy, other than Georgia.  The last time Kentucky was this good in football, 2007, the back-half of their schedule was very difficult.  That team had to play four ranked teams in their last six games, whereas this team only has to play one.  The Georgia game on November 3rd is to me a guaranteed loss, but, every other game is winnable.  10-2 is very, very likely.

Kentucky’s defense looked very good, which has to continue and it will.  In past years, the game Saturday night would’ve been over way before the fourth quarter.  Kentucky’s defense is legit this year.  Being on the field most of the second half and holding Texas A&M to only 14 points in regulation is very impressive.  Kentucky only allowed 20 points with the Aggies averaging 5.2 yards per play.

The SEC Championship is still a possibility.  I don’t think this will happen mainly because you have to beat Georgia, but it’s not out of the realm of possibilities.  With the way Kentucky’s defense has performed this year and from what the offense has looked like at its best, you can beat Georgia.  Am I predicting it though? No.

This bye-week couldn’t have come at a better time.  After UK’s disappointing offensive performance Saturday night, whatever went wrong should get fixed over the next week and this team will be more than ready for Vanderbilt on October 20th.

Ladies and gentleman, at the beginning of the season, if I had told you Kentucky would be 5-1 with its only loss being Texas A&M, you would’ve taken it.  This is a very small bump in the road, but this team is still very much on the 10-2 path.  Kentucky is a legit team still competing for the SEC East.

Snell yeah.





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