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After Kentucky’s big win last night against South Carolina, which made them 5-0 (3-0) for the first time in a long while, us Kentucky fans can start thinking big things.  There are a few things that had to happen for Kentucky to take the path toward a huge season and so far, they have happened.

I’m trying to “take it one game at a time” and not get ahead of myself.  As of right now, that’s almost impossible.  Let’s ask some questions and I will give my thoughts.

Can we beat Texas A&M? 

Hell yeah.  Kentucky has proven that they are a contender in the SEC and can stick with most any team besides Alabama.  Kentucky is coming off two SEC wins where the combined score was 52-17, which is unbelievable.

Texas A&M is coming off a win against Arkansas, who is one of the worst teams in the SEC, where they only won by seven and the Razorbacks were driving to tie the game.  So, yes we can beat them.

What’s a realistic record?

Goodness this is a tough one.  As of right now, 8-4 is a very realistic record.  It’s funny because before the season started, 8-4 was a great season, but now fans get sad when people say that.

Kentucky hasn’t finished the season 8-4 since 1976.

SEC Championship?

No.  This won’t happen because in order to do it, you have to beat Georgia.  Like I said above, Kentucky can compete with most of the teams in the SEC, but, Georgia and Alabama are toss ups.  I know Kentucky couldn’t hang with Bama, and if you think they can you’re crazy.  I think Kentucky can hang with Georgia, but beating them will not happen.

But hey, don’t let me ruin your excitement.

Can Benny win the Heisman?

Anything is possible right?  Benny winning the Heisman is almost as unlikely as Louisville beating Kentucky in basketball this year.  Now, can he be at the ceremony in New York? Yes.  Actually, right now I would say he would be there.  But Benny will not win the Heisman.

Snell no.

9-3? 10-2?

I’m going to go ahead and “kill two bird with one stone”.  9-3 is an unlikely record, but it could happen.  If you beat Texas A&M this weekend, 9-3 is very likely.  As for 10-2, this is very unlikely.  Georgia is a guaranteed loss and having just one more loss isn’t likely.

I will say this though, if the cats go down to College Station and come back to Lexington with a win, everything changes.

Can Stoops win coach of the year?

Yes and I think Stoops should win Coach of the Year.  He has taken a program that was basically at rock bottom and has turned them into an SEC contender.  Doing all of that at Kentucky is something most coaches probably couldn’t do.

Gameday for Georgia

Gameday in Lexington on Nov. 3rd for Kentucky vs. Georgia could happen.  This means Kentucky is either unbeaten or only has one loss at the time and therefore it’s for the SEC East.  There are a lot of other (potentially) good games that weekend and if everything works out for the best, Kentucky vs. Georgia will be one of those games.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Go cats.



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