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After many heartbreaks and blowouts, Kentucky has finally ended the long 31 year streak against Florida in Gainesville, 26-17.  Cubs finally won the world series, American Pharoah won the triple crown, UCONN got beat in women’s basketball, a #16 seed beat a #1 seed, and Kentucky has finally beaten Florida.

Kentucky was the more physical team.  Mark Stoops said in his post-game interview that they were once again the more physical team tonight and it showed.  Kentucky outgained Florida tonight in rushing 454-360 and had 303 yards rushing.  Florida only had 128 yards.

The streak mattered.  Both sides said all week that the streak didn’t really matter, but it did.  Dan Mullen admitted that “the streak would end but he didn’t want to be the one that let it end.”  But, after the game, Mullen stated, “The streak had nothing to do with tonight’s game and it has nothing to do with next weeks game.”  

When asked, Stoops said, “To say this streak doesn’t bother you would be a lie because I think it’s an undue burden that these players inherit sometimes.  They don’t deserve that.”

Benny Snell and Terry Wilson were the MVP’s.  Terry Wilson, who was making his SEC road debut balled out, Wilson went 11/16 for 151 yards with two touchdowns including 105 rushing yards.  Benny Snell had 27 carries for 175 yards.

Two streaks ended last night.  We all know the 31 year streak that had plagued Kentucky for forever, but there was another streak that ended last night.  Kentucky had not beaten Florida in the swamp since 1979.

That field goal was good.  Kentucky has gotten screwed so many times over the years  including during the streak, but, Florida got a little taste of their own medicine tonight.  The Gators were trailing 21-10 with a little under 90 seconds left in the 3rd quarter and attempted a 36-yard field goal, then this happened:

You be the judge.

How about that ending? If you’re a Kentucky fan and were biting your nails through the whole game, that ending wasn’t for you.  It was a fumble, but for all Kentucky fans, a very stressful ending that felt like it lasted 30 minutes.

Relive it:

This win is huge for Kentucky.  With the streak ending last night, Kentucky football has turned the corner.  With Murray State coming to town this Saturday, the Cats will be 3-0 with the Mississippi State Bulldogs coming to Lexington.  This could be a very, very special year for the Cats.  Undefeated? Sorry, too far.

Ending in Titanic music:

UK fans flipping cars on State Street? Yes.

And how about you end your Sunday night with some highlights from last night with Tom Leach on the call:

Go cats.


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