If Kentucky beats Florida, here’s why

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We’re just a little under 24 hours away from Kentucky’s 32nd effort at ending the 31 year losing streak to Florida.  Between now and kickoff we’re all going to drink the Kool-Aid and convince ourselves that the Cats will get the win.  I’ve already predicted a loss to Kentucky, but I will be cheering them on as much as anyone else.

If Kentucky wins, here’s why they did:

Benny Snell and AJ Rose

In Kentucky’s opening win against Central Michigan, Rose and Snell combined for 224 yards rushing and 4 touchdowns.

We won’t see these kind of stats tomorrow.  Even though Kentucky should be able to run on Florida’s defense, both Rose and Snell will not have 100 yards rushing.  But, I believe they will have to have two touchdowns between both of them.


Turnovers against Central Michigan a week ago were a huge issue for the Cats, where they had four.  Kentucky has to limit the turnovers tomorrow to have any chance.

If interceptions become a problem for Terry Touchdown, it is very likely we will see a lot of Gunnar Hoak tomorrow.

On the other hand, Kentucky is going to have to force at least two turnovers tomorrow to have a chance.  These past few seasons, the ball has bounced Kentucky’s way many times in the turnover category and this will have to happen tomorrow for them to be able to win.


The refs tomorrow night will not be on Kentucky’s side.  Shocker.  The defense aka Chris Westry, had one really bad targeting penalty that got Westry ejected and led to a touchdown for CMU.

Kentucky will have to have very few penalties tomorrow to be able to win.  Florida has taken advantage of these over the past 31 wins (obviously) and Kentucky cannot give Florida those opportunities tomorrow.

Take some chances

The only reason the Cats lost last year is because the offense got very stagnant with some very conservative play calling by Eddie Gran.  That cannot happen tomorrow.

Kentucky has a very good offense with many weapons.  The Cats have to take some chances with those weapons tomorrow.

If Kentucky gets beat tomorrow but takes some shots downfield, I will be okay with it.  If the play calling becomes conservative and the offense gets stagnant and Kentucky loses because of that, I will not be happy and neither will you.

Kentucky can win tomorrow, not likely, but they can.  The rowdy environment combined with Kentucky having a juco-transfer at QB, with no experience in front of a road crowd could turn into some ugly plays early.  Terry could win the job tomorrow or he could earn his bench spot for the year.  I guess the only thing we can do now is wait and see.

Let’s end the streak tomorrow!

Go cats.


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