2018 official football prediction

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Good evening Big Blue Nation.  The start of football season is just five days away and I thought, since I’m such an expert, I would make my official record prediction for the upcoming football season.  I’m not going in-depth but will give a basic win or loss and quickly explain why.

I wrote a post back in early June giving my early prediction knowing nothing.  I know, shocking.  But, now that the season is only five days away and with camp just ending, we know a lot more and so do I.  And, now knowing who the QB will be (Terry Wilson), it’s a lot easier.

Central Michigan: Win

Central Michigan is picked to finish fifth in the MAC and are picked to be horrible.  I think the offense will get a decent test and will look good.

Easy win.

Florida: Loss

After UK’s heartbreaking loss last year to the Gators, that left a few family members and I sitting in the stadium until it was pretty much, I am never picking Kentucky to beat them again.

But, they need to look competitive down there.  I think they’ll hang with them, but will not be close enough to have a chance to win.

Murray State: Win

UK will be coming home from a loss, in which they stayed competitive but never quite came close to winning.

This is one of UK’s “cupcake” games.  They will win and win convincingly.

Mississippi State: Loss

This is one of the tossups this season.  With Dan Mullin gone and the game being in Lexington, UK will have their home crowd.

But, Kentucky couldn’t stop Nick Fitzgerald last year and won’t be able to this year.  I could see this being a heartbreaking loss or a blowout.

South Carolina: Win

Kentucky has beaten South Carolina four years in a row.  UK playing its second straight game in Lexington, will make that a five-year win streak.

Game will be close, but UK will come out with the nail-biting win.

Texas A&M: Loss

Jimbo Fisher is down in College Station, a place Kentucky has never been.  Sadly, I think this game will be over by halftime and will have all of us UK fans scratching our heads after the game.

Vanderbilt: Win

UK will be coming back off a blowout loss down in College Station and a bye week.  Stoops will have the team ready and Benny will have one of the best games in his UK career.

Convincing win.

Missouri: Win

Missouri is picked to finish fourth in the east, two spots ahead of Kentucky.  This is a game nobody picks UK to win and the realty shouldn’t.

Kentucky will go to Columbia and bring a win back to Lexington.  Lynn Bowden and CJ Conrad will have huge games.

Georgia: Win

Kentucky will be 5-3 (3-3)  with a potential #1 team coming to Lexington.  The last two times this has happened, Kentucky has played both teams in Mississippi State and LSU very close and beat LSU.

Call me crazy, but I think UK gets a monumental win and we rush the field.

Tennessee: Loss

After upsetting the #1 team in the country, UK will travel to Knoxville and have a disappointing performance.

Don’t think it will be a blowout, but it will not be close.

Middle Tennessee: Win

After a bad loss in Knoxville, UK will come back to Lexington and have a good all-around performance.


Louisville: Win

With Lamar gone and the Cardinals having a bad year, UK will head cross-state to Louisville and finish off the year with a great win against the Cards.

So, after all that.  Kentucky will finish the year 8-4 (4-4) and with a .500 record in the SEC.  This is what I predicted in early June, but this is with more knowledge of the team and a lot more confidence.  Terry Wilson starting will continue the type of offense they ran with Stephen Johnson, so the team will not have to adjust to a new playbook or multiple playbook’s.

The defense has multiple players returning and will have a strong year.

Hopeuflly this happens, and if so, it will be a really fun year.

Goodnight and go cats.


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