Could these two Bahamas games have gone any better for Kentucky?

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When Kentucky announced the details for the 2018 Bahamas trip back in late April, we weren’t quite sure what to expect.  We knew the recruits we had coming in were good, but we didn’t know exactly how good, or at least I didn’t.  Up until now, despite mixtapes, we hadn’t seen how good these guys really were or how how quickly they would mesh.

We also didn’t know if the guys coming back had improved.  I mean, we knew they probably had improved, but no one knew or thought sophomore Nick Richards was going to look this good.

The only way we knew we had a good group was because of the way Cal was acting. Swaggy Cal was back and better than ever.

But, the last thing UK needed was to play these first two games and look, well, not as good as we had hoped.  Looking good in practice is one thing, but playing well in a game, in front of a crowd is a whole different thing.  And so far, Kentucky has looked really good.

Which is why I ask if these first two games could have gone any better for Kentucky.  You play these first two games, you have a one day break, and then you play the last two games.  Kentucky needed to perform well and look good in order to avoid the worst.  Us UK fans freaking out and saying this team was going to be terrible.  I know, it’s only August, but you know we have fans that could go to one practice this time of year, the team have an off-day, and freak out and say we’re terrible.

If you think about it, these games couldn’t have gone better for UK.  They have played two pretty good teams, and have blown them both out.  Now, the first game wasn’t crazy impressive, but a blowout is a blowout.  Now, the second game was impressive.  I thought a loss was coming, but Kentucky came out of the gate, aggressive, energized and had the gas petal to the floor until the final buzzer, despite a long break in action due to a power-outage.  We avoided speculation about if the team was good, because they are, and you know someone from Duke is watching UK’s games and saying “holy sh** they’re really good”.

We’ve had two games and both have been blowouts against two good teams.  This makes me excited for tomorrow and Sunday.  I’m still expecting at least one loss this trip, but, gosh you can’t help but get excited about this year.

We’re going to thump Duke, by at least thirty.  Gosh, I want to beat them so bad.

Kentucky plays Serbian pro-team Mega Bemax tomorrow at 7 pm EST on the SEC Network.

Goodnight and go cats.


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