Bahamas trip 2018: first game recap

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The first game of Kentucky’s 2018 Bahamas trip is in the books.  They won, but it wasn’t the prettiest win.

Kentucky got off to a hot start and cruised, holding a lead the entire first half.  Then, they got ice-cold from the field and the Bahamas National team made it a game, tying the score mid second half and briefly taking the lead at one point.  But, Kentucky proceeded to pull away and win the game 85-61.

We saw some good and bad stuff tonight.  Let’s take a look.

Sophomore Nick Richards

Nick Richards balled tonight.  He had 19 points and only missed one shot.  I wasn’t sure about Nick Richards before today and I definitely didn’t think he would start tonight, but he did and freaking balled out.

Richards could be a huge component of the team this year.  He’s huge which means he can bully guys down low, get rebounds, and dunk on people’s faces.

He also shot free throws well tonight.  Yeah, you read that right.

They won

The only thing that matters, getting the win, and UK did that tonight.  Like I said above, it wasn’t the prettiest win, but in early August, a win is all you can ask for.

Three point shooting 

Three point shooting was definitely not a strength for this team tonight.  At one point during the game, they were 1 for 15.  Yikes.

I don’t know what the ending stat was, but the only two threes I saw go through the net was Immanuel Quickley’s at the beginning of the game and Brad Calipari’s late in the second half.

There’s a lot of time for improvement though.  I’m not worried at all.

John Calipari in the stands

We saw this in 2015 when Kentucky played in the Bahamas, Cal worked the camera.  He wasn’t working the camera tonight but he sat in a reserved seating area during the game and wasn’t on the sideline, and the only time he went down to the sideline was right before a timeout and when the game came back on Brad was in the game.

Think that was just a coincidence.

This shows how calm Cal is.  Most coaches would be on the sideline yelling at the players.  Cal just sits back and observes.

I’m excited 

Kentucky has been in the Bahamas during the Cal era twice with two deep team full of great players.  We all know what happened the first time and there’s a lot of potential in this team.

There’s a lot of room for improvement, which is to be expected in early August.  But, this team showed a lot tonight that made me and hopefully the rest of you excited.

Goodnight and go Cats.


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