Five reasons for decline in UK football season ticket sales.

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Yesterday it was announced that the UK football season ticket count is down 10 percent from this time last season.  It was reported by Jen Smith of the Lexington Herald Leader that UK sold around 28,000 season tickets, which is down from last July’s total of 32,000.

My family and I have been season ticket holders for many years, and this year we do not plan on renewing our season tickets.  Since many UK fans have been expressing their personal reasons for not purchasing or renewing their season tickets, I thought I would get on here and name five reasons why I wouldn’t renew my tickets.  Some of the reasons are things UK can’t control and some are.

Being comfortable

The seating at Kroger Field isn’t great, but that’s not the most important thing.  I would rather have the convenience of sitting on my living room couch, being able to get up and get something to eat or drink without it being far away, costing money, or having to wait in line.

Now, I understand that this is something UK can’t do much about, but it is a big reason, in my opinion, why season ticket sales have dropped.


Personally, I hate cold weather.  The UK football season begins September 1st and goes until late November, which means many cold nights or days at Kroger Field.

I would rather sit at home in my warm living room watching the Cats play and if the games not going well, I can turn it off or flip to another game.

The heart breaks

If there was a job description for a UK football fan, one of the things listed is having your heat broken.  I, and many other UK fans, have experienced many heart breaking games at Kroger Field/Commonwealth Stadium.

This inclines me to not even go to the game.


For some UK football fans, having a WIFI connection may not be a problem, but for me it is.  During halftime, I like getting on my phone and checking news, reading what the “experts” are saying, and it gives me something to do instead of sitting there and staring at the sky, but you can’t do that at Kroger Field because there is absolutely no WIFI.  And yes, Rupp Arena has WIFI.

I have a better WIFI connection in the ocean.


When you go to a UK football game, you are going to watch UK win.  I know, that sounds dumb and obvious, but pretty much every season since Mark Stoops has been here has been somewhat disappointing, and we’ve been better every year.

Georgia in 2016, Florida last year and in 2015, Auburn in 2015, Tennessee in 2015, etc.  All disappointing games that UK should have won.

If the product on-the-field isn’t good, then who wants to go?

Not me.

Go cats.





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