What if 40-0 happened?

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We all like “what ifs” right?  We ask ourselves a lot, “what if?”.  Well I have decided to turn the two word question that can cause hours of conversation into a blog series.  Every Friday I will address a Kentucky sports moment, commitment, season, event, etc.  and ask “what if?”.  I will address certain points and explain why it could have happened.  Hope you all enjoy.

We have asked ourselves this a lot and it’s very hard to think about as a UK fan but,  What if 40-0 happened?  That season and the way it ended will eat at the emotions of every UK fan around, and if you say you’re over it you’re lying.  This is hard for me too because, well, you know.

If Kentucky had completed an undefeated season in 2014-2015, it would’ve changed a lot:

The “overrated” narrative with Calipari would not be a thing

Everyone thinks Cal is an overrated coach because of all the talent he brings in at Kentucky and only has one title to show for it.  The 2014-2015 year is a big part of the narrative because of the coaching down the stretch.

If Kentucky had gone 40-0 that season, this wouldn’t be a discussion you could have.

Greatest season in college basketball history

The greatest tradition in college basketball would have the greatest season in college basketball history, especially with the way they would have done it.

John Calipari retires

This is something you really have to think about if Kentucky goes 40-0 in the 2015 season.  I personally don’t think he would have retired, but the argument is certainly there for him retiring.

Two titles, an undefeated season, four final fours, and twenty-five draft picks.  Would’ve been one hell of a run.

Jersey Retirements

This is another thing you really have to think about if Kentucky goes 40-0 in the 2015 season.  The “unforgettables” in 1992 all had their jerseys retired and in my opinion the 2015 team would be in the same discussion.  Although, in 1992 you had only four retired jerseys and this team could have eight, you would definitely have to think about it

The unbeatables?

Best college basketball team ever?

40-0 is a very difficult feat and there’s a reason no one has ever done it.  Going undefeated with the schedule they had and with the way they did it,  it sure would be hard to find a better team.

Kentucky has nine titles

I know this is obvious, but an undefeated season includes a national championship banner.

Anyone have any tissues?

I fully acknowledge that I may and probably did miss some things and that’s okay because the list of things that could have happened is a mile long.

Go cats.






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