Projecting UK’s starting lineup: 2018-2019

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Now that Reid Travis has committed to UK and is with the team, it seems like Kentucky’s 2018-2019 roster is now complete.

This year is different from most other years.  Kentucky has a good mix of youth and experience along with a mix of good players and superstars.  As far as overall ratings and stars go, this team is going to be really good.  So with that, let’s see who could make Kentucky’s starting lineup.

Now, I know the starters don’t matter and who is playing at the end of games matters.  Who cares though.

Point Guard: Ashton Hagans

The 6’4″ 185 pound star point guard and arguably the best in the 2018 class after reclassifying starts at the one spot.  Hagans isn’t the fastest player bringing the ball up the court but he’s very quick and can handle the ball very well along with making good decisions.

He’s not the best shooter on the team, but, has Cal ever had a point guard that can shoot? No.

Shooting Guard: Quade Green

After starting early in the season, Quade Green was the sixth and seventh man at the end of the season and into the NCAA tournament.  Green can shoot better than Hagans and I don’t think you can have two freshman guards starting when you have a sophomore Quade Green on the bench.

Small Forward: Keldon Johnson

The 6’6″ 205 pound, five-star point guard is the best player on the team.  Johnson can shoot, get to the rim, and run the floor.  What else could you want from someone at this position?

Power Forward: PJ Washington

After announcing that he would return for his sophomore season, PJ Washington solidified a starting spot on this years team.

He’s big, strong, and aggressive.  It would be even better if he developed a jump-shot and worked on his free throws.  He’ll lead Kentucky in free throw attempts next season, but will he make them? I guess we will find out.

Center: Reid Travis

The Stanford grad-transfer who nearly averaged a double-double in the Pac-12 last season and held his own in his matchups with DeAndre Ayton, Travis is a lock to start at the five-spot.

He’s 6’8″ 245 pounds, has a lot of experience, and will be a bull down low.

This will change during the year, but I expect this to be the starting five at the beginning of this season.

Go cats.


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