Realistic record for the 2018 football season

Good evening Big Blue Nation.  I haven’t written on here since last basketball season, and I have missed it, and I know you’ve missed me so let’s get this train going again, shall we?

With the Bahamas trip coming up in early August and football season starting shortly after that, I thought I would go ahead and break down a realistic record for the football cats next year.  Here we go.

First, let’s take a look at what the “experts” say:

Athlon Sports: 6-6

247SPORTS: 5-7

SEC Country: 5-7

The past couple years after the SEC football predictions come out, UK fans have asked, “when are we going to be given the upper-hand?”.  I have asked this question myself over the past couple years, but now, with this schedule, I ask if we can win six.  Let’s look.

See the source image

In the 2018 schedule, I see five guaranteed wins: Central Michigan, Murray State, Vanderbilt, Middle Tennessee and Tennessee.

I see five toss-ups: Mississippi State, South Carolina, Missouri, Georgia, and Louisville.  In these games I see Kentucky winning three of these: South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisville.  Now why? Kentucky has beaten South Carolina four years in a row and that will be five after this year.  Kentucky seems to keep it close with one good team every year, and Kentucky will do that with Georgia this year and get the win.  Louisville doesn’t have a good defense and will have an inexperienced QB, even though the game will be in Louisville, I see Kentucky winning this game.

And I see two unwinnable, unless hell freezes over games.  And yes, only two: Florida and Texas A&M.  Why? Kentucky hasn’t beaten Florida since the late 80’s and Dan Mullen is down there now, so Kentucky will get thumped.  Texas A&M has Jimbo Fisher and it’s in College Station, so once again, I see Kentucky getting thumped.

So with that, I see Kentucky going 8-4 next season, yes 8-4.  That’s every home game and one road game.  Hope it happens and I think it could.

Goodnight and go cats.





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