What’s wrong with this Kentucky team?

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Kentucky is 17-9 and 6-7 in the SEC, and is on a 4 game losing streak for the first time in the Cal era.  With not making the NCAA Tournament being a possibility for this team and losing to teams left and right, the question is: What’s wrong with this team?

In my opinion, Kentucky hasn’t had one of these seasons in its history, or at least not one I remember.  They’ve never had a team with talent like this struggle.  Here are some reasons this team is struggling.

  • They are very young

This team is the youngest team Cal has ever had, and he has said that many times.  In the Cal era, there has always been that one player (Miller, Patterson, Poythress, Stein, Hawkins, Willis, Mays, etc) with a mix of talent and experience, and this year there’s not one of those players.  And, usually that one player is the team leader and coach on the floor.  With there not being a player like that on this years team, that hurts the Cats a lot.

  • There’s not a superstar… wait, yeah there is!

Just like a team leader, there has always been a superstar or “go to” player in the Cal era.  The funny thing is, Kevin Knox is that guy… but he hasn’t played like it.

When Kentucky got Kevin Knox in the summer, we automatically assumed we had our superstar for the next season, and he’s easily good enough to be that guy, but he hasn’t been that so far.  Knox has had one big game and that was Kentucky’s biggest win of the year, against West Virginia.  If Knox did half of what he did that game in every other game, and had a West Virginia type game every once in awhile, he would be the #1 overall pick no argument.  But, he’s not done that, and that has really hurt Kentucky.

  • This team crumbles when faced with adversity

Us Kentucky fans have seen this many times over through the years, but even more with this team because like I said above, there young.  They start missing shots, make dumb mistakes on both ends, the opponent doesn’t seem to be able to miss a shot, they panic, and everything goes down the drain.

I ask this question though when I see fans complaining about this.  What do you expect? What do you expect a team to do with so much youth and inexperience? I hate it, but it doesn’t surprise me when it happens.


For god sakes people, this team CANNOT shoot.  They couldn’t throw it in the ocean if they were in a boat.  Think they can? Well first, you’re insane, and second, they are shooting 29% from behind-the-arc this season.

Yeah, that’s horrible.

  • Overrated?

I want to be careful here, but there’s a few guys on this team that are overrated *cough* Hami *cough* Nick Richards *cough*  P.J. Washington *cough*.

Excuse me.

With all of that though, this team is 17-9, struggling and on a 4 game losing streak, but they could still easily, well not easily, but they still could make a big run in March.

Cal has proven to us that a struggling team can still make it deep into the tournament.  Perfect example, the 2014 team.

It all starts with beating ‘Bama on Saturday.  You win that game and I feel pretty confident we’re going dancing.  Let’s not give up on this team just yet.  But, if you lose to ‘Bama, pretty sure it’s time to thrown in the towel.

Go Cats.


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