Five things from Kentucky’s loss to Auburn

The boys in blue played well tonight and fought hard, but in the end crumbled and lost 76-66 to Auburn.

  1. Kentucky crumbled down the stretch

Kentucky played great most of the second half and had the lead until about 4 minutes left and crumbled.

Some quotes from Cal:

“We broke down defensively.  We had a guy give up 8 straight points.”

“These guys are a little rattled… they can’t make a jumper and it’s leading them to try to do things we don’t need them to do.”

2.  Knox disappeared

Kevin Knox had a great first half and a great start to the second half, then all the sudden disappeared.

Knox had 19 points with 13 minutes to go, then did not attempt a shot the rest of the game.  That is amazing, but doesn’t surprise me.

3.  Referees were horrible

These 3 words are said almost every college basketball game.  But, tonight they were and especially Doug Shows.  In my opinion they decided the game with some big no calls and some questionable calls in the final minutes.  Here’s one:

Nice call.

4.  Kentucky fought all game

Kentucky started the game rough with 8 turnovers but Auburn started 1-16 from the field.  Auburn got hot from three but Kentucky was able to keep it close and the halftime score to 6, 39-33.  Kentucky came out in the second and played well, holding Auburn to one and done possessions and hitting shots on the other end.  Then came the Auburn run I was afraid of.

Kentucky got down and never came back after PJ Washington missed a 2 foot hook-shot and the Cats were pretty much screwed as Knox disappeared and Auburn was hitting shots and getting some questionable calls.

5.  You saw an elite 8 team and an NIT team tonight all in the same game

The Kentucky team we saw with 5 minutes to go in the 1st half and with about 4 minutes left in the 2nd half was an elite 8 team.  But, the team we saw at the beginning and the end of the game was an NIT team, which is scary.

What Now?

After this loss, Kentucky falls to 17-9 and 6-7 in the SEC.  This team is in trouble as they are playing to keep their tournament hopes alive Saturday in Rupp against Alabama.

With this loss tonight, Kentucky guaranteed themselves no first-round bye in the SEC tournament and will definitely have to make some noise there.

I don’t think this season is over at all, but you have to beat Alabama Saturday.  I think this team wins that game, makes some noise in the SEC tournament, and makes the NCAA tournament, after that I have no clue.

With that, I say goodnight, sweet dreams, and…

Go Cats.


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